Recent Talks

One of the central values of our church is to take time every week to open the Scriptures, examine what God says and using the gifts of teaching seek to apply spiritual truth to our lives. 

Below are the talks  for you to download; providing insight, wisdom, prophetic messages, powerful teaching and pastoral provocation.

This week we were led by Dave and gathered around tables and chatted through a series of questions to share thoughts, revelations on Nigel's talk from 2nd February 2020. There…
Nigel leads us through the authority we have as believers, Sons and Daughters of God and what that means.
Mark shares on how we each can have 'clothes of shame' that we unnecessarily put on when we have a loving Father who forgives us and sees past our faults…
Stuart and Di Bradford from Seaford Community Church joined us for the afternoon to share Father God's love with us. Not only sharing through words but actively sharing His love…
Julie welcomes us into 2020 with some thoughts to challenge us at the beginning of this new year.
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