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At breakfast time, at the school gates, in the park, and as their heads hit the pillows; it doesn’t matter where they are or what they’re up to, for a whole generation of children – every day is tough.

In every town and city across the UK, you’ll find church communities, just like The Well, full of ordinary people ready to make an extraordinary difference. TLG has a nationwide network of partner churches, and they are committed to reaching out to some of the most vulnerable children in the UK.

The scale of holiday hunger is huge, with over 1.5 million children receiving Free School Meals and millions more children living in poverty. It poses an urgent question.

What happens to the children in our community during the 13 weeks of the school holidays?

Find out how The Well is tackling the problem

The Well, along with St Barnabas church host ‘MakeLunch’ during the school holidays.

We started running MakeLunch@StB’s in 2018 and have been here every school holiday since then.

During Lockdown we changed and delivered food to support local families across Eastbourne.

During each school holiday, we feed hungry children and their adults, provide a craft and a safe place for the families to relax and socialise.

If you would like to find out more, please get in touch.

Click the Lunch Box to read Andy and Sharon’s Story of Transformation 

Along with many families in the Langney/Shinewater area of Eastbourne here is a familiar story of support from Luton, where Reuben, Shama and their two children, 15-year-old Sharon and 6-year-old Andy, have been supported by the TLG Make Lunch club since they first attended in September 2016 at St John the Baptist in Luton. Their lives were so transformed by the club that they decided they still wanted to come, but as volunteers.

Reuben, Shama, Sharon & Andy

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