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Alan walks us through Luke 24: 13 - 34 the Road to Emmaus and along the way asks, why not
Looking at what King David overcame in order to defeat Goliath and how we can do the same to 'giants'
Click here: To know God is to experience Him We can only know the depth God's Goodness when we experience it
Psalm 114 v 7&8 God is good, nothing is impossible for him,. Psalm 84 v 5-12, Song of Songs 2
Phil 1:6 - "I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue His work until
Psalm 8:2 Praise silences the enemy. Praise reminds us of the God we serve, moves our focus on to Him
Job suffered loss of family, livestock and health all without knowing Jesus. Today we know about Jesus and all He
God is looking for an attitude of gratitude in His followers. People who recognise that all we have is because
In Mark 6 verse 45 Jesus was going to walk past His friends who were struggling in their boat. Was